Exciting Things Are In The Air!

For the past months, I've been reevaluating my writing process and the titles that I've been working on. I pulled some older ideas out and dusted them off while at the same time I spent copious amounts of time sprucing up my existing outlines and manuscripts.


The results have me more excited about writing than I have been in the past few years. I feel refreshed and reenergized. My ideas have been honed and are ready to be explored deeper and fleshed out into submittable works. 

At the same time, I've been cultivating some amazing collaborations with an array of bookish goodies—they're hush-hush for now but super exciting!

What does this mean for my readers?


The 2020's have been crazy so far, but I still have high hopes...

Nine While Nine—the first book in The Nine While Nine Legacy series—will be joined by its mates, Twelve Turnings and Seven Hollows, along with the YA spin-off, Neverly. 


Also, I'll be releasing Bed of Ashes and The Overmorrow, two stand-alone novels, both are NA/Adult dark urban, gothic faerie tales.

 I can't wait to share more with you as the details become available!

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In Other News...

I’m a Patreon Creator now!


It’s become my new workshop, where everything (the good and the bad) will be. You will be the ones looking over my shoulder, peeking through my window, sifting through the notes on my desk. Transparent real-time.

Patreon is the new frontier. A way to truly allow me to devote my time and full attention to creating wondrous and whimsical tales and art, soundtracks, graphic novels, book boxes, and eventually films!


It's time to shake up my life, and my beliefs in how things "have-to-be-done". I crave authenticity, relationship, true engagement. I want to give you the reality of me, the hard stuff, the gritty and the pretty parts, the wonderful truth of myself and my writing. I've gone the Indie publishing route, and I've traversed the bumpy traditional publishing road.

I want to try something different at Patreon. I want to forgo what I've already done and venture forth in a new way. I want to offer my creative endeavors at Patreon first. My writing in snippets and ragged chicken-scrawl bits, the compost heap of raw ideas as they transform into something coherent and real.

In chapters. In artwork. In music. In film.