I'm A Patreon Creator Now!


My patrons won’t just be seeing my works of fiction, but they’ll be seeing into my life. And not how it’s seen in social media. I want to post blogs, vlogs, artwork, thoughts that bounce around in my mind and raw words from my heart, weird dreams that plague me on a regular basis, bits and pieces and chunks of my life as I live it.

With filters and without.


Furthermore, as I diverge from the traditional and explore new territory, I’ll be seeking collaborators here on Patreon, from among the more than 50,000 other creatives. I’ll be needing art for book covers, promo swag. merchandise, and graphic novels; musicians for soundtracks; filmmakers for trailers and the mini-films I have planned…and ever always more as the creative muses strike in different directions. So, when you help me, you help other artists too!


The main thing to keep in mind as you look this over is that creatives, unless you’re a massive mainstream one, earn very little in profit. I earned very little in profit last year. Though I spent far beyond what I should have in marketing and promotions, it still was not enough.  And I really don’t want to get so bogged down with that side of the business anymore either. I want to hand over marketing to a pro. I want to create. I want to connect with readers, with the people OUT THERE. I want to have tables at cons and book events. I want to sit down with the readers and chat over a coffee or two. And I want to get my stories and art into their hands. 


All artists need reliable, ongoing support. We need to earn something akin to a salary. The internet and micropayments have the ability to make this a reality.AND…Added-bonus-good-news! The money I earn via Patreon will also be spread about to other Patreon creators. I’ll have the chance to “trickle down” my funding into the lives of tons of other creators.


I plan to post a lot–hopefully a few times a week. I want to talk about everything! My writing, my life, what inspires, art, music, the process behind it all, what I’m learning, and anything else that crosses my mind…all the mental meanderings and sometimes senseless ramblings! My blogs will get sent out to the Patrons automatically by email. Be sure to enable your email notifications. I would love to get input and feedback! I tend to be on the introverted side, so draw me out! Ask me stuff! I promise to read every comment because my readers/supporters mean the world to me.


Again, this is all a new and exciting platform to me and I’m kinda just flying by the seat of my pants and making up the rules as I go. I want this to be a new frontier for writing and creating, I want to lose the anxiety and stress. I want to create in absolute delight and abandonment. I want to lose myself to it again. And I want to get out there and meet everyone eye to eye.

See and be seen.


This Patreon account will become my home-base. It’s going to be where everything lands before my website, before Facebook or Instagram or Twitter, before my Dabble Writer, before Microsoft Word, before the Beta readers, before the editors. This will be my workshop, where everything, good and bad, will be. You will be the ones looking over my shoulder, peeking through my window, sifting through the notes on my desk. Transparent real-time.


I hope you’ll join me on this adventure!